Conners and Shasta


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Shasta and I live in Ontario, Canada where the Pit bull Breeds and look-a-likes have been banned and restricted under the Grandfather Clause.
Shasta is 3 years old now and during that time has brought me out of phobias that prevented me from leaving my apartment and talking to strangers. She has built my self confidence up that now I am able to go to stores and she pulls the wagon or the sled to bring them home for me. She takes my garbage out to the road the same way.
If a skate board or someone on roller blades are coming behind me and I don't hear them, she will gently nudge me to the side of the sidewalk out of harms way. She walks carefully with me when it is slippery and gently pulls me uphill when it is too steep for me to walk on my own.
She alerts me when there is someone at the door, as I don't always hear the knocking and very intuitive to when I am in severe pain, sick or having cognitive and memory problems.
She is the best therapy dog when I feel upset or frustrated and knows if I need to just rest or need a good laugh.
Unfortunately, because of her breed, I can not get her certified although she does have her CGN certificate from the CKC.
I've sent a couple of attachments of her pulling the sled on the way going grocery shopping. If it wasn't for her, I would not be so independent and still feel restricted as much as she is as I'm not allowed to take her into stores or going on a bus. Another phobia is public transit.
I fear for her being tied out outside the store as she could get hurt or stolen, but I have no way to shop without her, so I quickly only grab necessities so I can get in and out as quickly as possible. Carrying the groceries to her wagon is painful and leaving her outside is extremely stressful, yet I have no choice unless we win the fight against the BSL so I can have her certified properly.
Connie Dufour with Shasta


Visit my Photo Album Collectively Conners
My fellow Ontarians...You don't have to take the Pit Bull Ban,
Michael Bryant has made law. There is still time to fight and make
changes to the law. It makes a lot more sense than what Michael
Bryant has claimed about 'Keeping Ontarians safe.' If you really
want a safe province from dog bites and dog attacks, print out
this new petition and get as many signatures as you can. This is
the common sense answer to our protection.
Do your part to save Rocky.
 Shasta says,
"I've been sweet my whole life and all I get for it is 'Restricted'."
Conners says,
"Of all the positively pitty things Shasta does...fighting isn't one of them. This makes her positively typical of the Pit bull breeds, with one exception...she is MINE and she is MY one of a kind."
If you have a pet, hug it often. It loves you unconditionally.
How many people can you actually say that about?
 Conners and Shasta