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Scent in a Bottle

The Logical Approach to Tracking

Trailing v.s. Air Scenting

by: Hatch Graham

Scent - Pheremones and Odor

Information from: Bill Syrotuk


Defense Training in The Young Prospect

by Jerry Bradshaw



KNPV: A Dutchman's View

by B. Neijts



Articles by Ed Frawley (Leerburg Kennels)

over 100 articles at this site 


Sport Dog vs. Street Dog

by J. L. Naroditsky 


A Tracking Dog Philosophy

by Craig and Kay Green


Responsible Protection Dog Ownership

by T. C. Minyard


Protection Dogs & Children

by C. Carlson (Dog Sports Magazine 6/96) 


An Ear Cropping Article - FAQ 



by Diane Jessup 


Bitework with the Pit Bull Terrier

Bob Lowery - Windy City Combine 

The Difference Between Schutzhund and Ring Sport

In Search of the Ultimate Working Dog, The Belgian Malinois vs The American Pit Bull Terrier

by John DiStano

In Search of the Ultimate Working Dog (Part 2), The GSD vs AB

by John DiStano

The Color Of Scent

By Julie Priest, Contributing Editor - Dog Sports Magazine

This is from a book called 'The Care and Handling of Dogs
written in 1928 by John Lynn Leonard, DVM.