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This is Buster Joe, who is a common link in the pedigrees

of Cheek's "Red Baroness", Hanson's "Jo-Mite" (Frazier),

and Hanson's "Whole Lotta Rosie" to name a few. He has been the foundation

for a very successful working line. (He is gone now)

In memory of 'PR' Cheek's "Red Baroness" SchH III, U-UD, U-AG II
Another Great one has past on!

This is Cheek's "Red Baroness" a great working APBT!

Dam, Gr. Dam, and Gr.Gr. Dam to a large # of Schutzhund

Titled APBT's. She has passed away a week short of her 15th birthday (2001).

This Tudor's "Dibo". He is the foundation for most APBT's out there.

Dibo's Pedigree


This is Bandog "Dread". Although he is the most

titled working APBT, He has no known producing


The Eli x Spook breeding has given rise to many great Pit Bulls!

Another highly influential dog on pedigree's today is JEEP!